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Thanks for all the help I got from the customer service :)
Devid Zolta
Persian Carpets » Nain Rug 9′11″x6′4″
$ 1 176
Persian Carpets » Sarouk Rug 10′8″x7′7″
$ 2 227
Persian Carpets » Botemir Rug 4′11″x3′7″
$ 272
Persian Carpets » Tabriz Rug 10′2″x6′7″
$ 4 670
Persian Carpets » Shiraz Rug 9′10″x4′11″
$ 731
Persian Carpets » Bijar Rug 1′11″x1′9″
$ 221
Persian Carpets » Baloch Rug 6′11″x3′7″
$ 592
Persian Carpets » Nain Rug 9′10″x6′4″
$ 1 417
Persian Carpets » Patchwork Rug 5′8″x3′7″
$ 316
Persian Carpets » Bakhtiari Rug 6′7″x4′9″
$ 852
Persian Carpets » Bijar Rug 9′10″x2′11″
$ 1 051
Persian Carpets » Senneh Rug 5′x4′2″
$ 679
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personDevid Zolta
Thanks for all the help I got from the customer service :)
personFreya and Kim
We were not sure about colours on the pictures and in real. About colours they are 99% matched, but our carpet more beautiful in real. 100% we are happy with our shop!
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Welcome to the enchanting world of Carpet eBuy! In our online shop, you can find thousands of genuine, carefully selected,

handmade oriental carpets

at bargain prices. The company behind Carpet eBuy has sold rugs in Sweden and Internationally for over twenty years. We are one of the leading companies in this field and offer a fantastic assortment of high-quality rugs. Our ever changing collection consists of thousands of rugs which have been carefully selected by our experienced buyers. Here you will find everything from antique rugs, exclusive silk rugs and sturdy utility carpets to kilim and patchwork rugs.
Every rug is presented with detailed facts and high-quality photographs, which are taken to show the rugs in extreme detail including the knots on the rugs. Besides being able to see the carpet itself, we would also you to be able to see how it would fit in your home. We have therefore also built a unique web-based showroom where you can simulate a room of your choice from your home to place a chosen rug(s) in. However, besides their colours and shapes, rugs also have a history. Our website is a rich source of knowledge for those who wish to learn more about rugs. In our films you may learn more about the style of rug you are looking for and the place they are woven.
Our main goal is that you as our customer should be satisfied. Therefore, we offer favourable payment terms and a full returns policy. If you would like personal advice concerning a particular rug you are welcome to ring us or visit or physical shop. We are always happy to hear of your views and wishes and to help and give advice or tips if wanted.
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